The music touches on low slung hip hop, long ambient passages, and sharp percussive rushes to create something both unsettling and seductive. In listening to it, one may feel unsure whether to bob their head or to place said head on a shelf for a more reflexive assessment.- Reproduce

Kartik Pillai is an amazing electronic musician based out of New Delhi who goes by the stage name of Jamblu. The music that Jamblu makes is based on chance and non-intentional production. - LiveBeijingMusic

Jamblu is the solo project of Kartik Pillai, a multi-instrumentalist from New Delhi, India.With two releases under his belt since inaugurating Jamblu in 2014. Jamblu’s sound mines the influence of hazy hip hop instrumentals andslow-building ambient music, interjecting these passages with unsettling rhythms that cut across melodic textures.
- A Closer Listen


Jamblu’s ominously called ‘Bone Ringing’, is an indication that his dark, twisted mind doesn’t filter or process music in the same way the rest of us do. Jamblu’sbrand of ‘post-dance’ would work wonderfully in a nightmarish underground club from an alternative dystopian reality and his viscous soundscapes will have you unwittingly drown in layers of jungle drum, embellished drone and abstractly layered melody. - WildCity
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